Alshar mine is situated in the depth of the mountain Kozuf, on a distance of three hundred meters from the small village Majden, and on an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. You can enter in it through eight wide craters on the ground. Here, for over five thousand years gold, thallium, crystals of lorandite, antimony and other minerals have been being dug up. Two of the eight open pits of the underground digging outputs are long 6000 meters with cobblestones, which are quite damaged nowadays.

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Alshar is quite unusual and very attractive place. The soil is soft, filled with different minerals in all colours. Yellow is dominant, due to the large presence of arsenic. The mine has an abundance of thallium mine lorandite, which is used to detect and locate the neutrino, particle directly originating from the Sun, which travels to the Earth for eight seconds. Only lorandite is capable of recognizing the reactions that come directly from the core Sun core. It is a very rare mineral, which throughout the world, is only found in Macedonia in pure form. Alshar’s thallium, and thus neutrino, according to its quantity is global, planetary rarity. If you manage to separate neutrino from thallium, than our planetary science will understand the processes by which energy of the Sun is being generated. Futuristic, if it succeeds, the man literally could produce small Suns, which can be turned on and off depending on the request. The mine in the world science is considered as a source for studying the past and the future of the universe.

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On the left, at a distance of the two hundred meters from Alshar, there is everlasting green hill, where any human or ruminants are forbidden to enter. The soil at the hill contains thallium, poison even more dangerous than arsenic, if it recorded in the body, could kill the cattle that grass there. Further on Alshar and the hill, on the left, there are sources of warm water, and opposite of them, at the end of Majden village, the villagers exploit some kind of white mineral, which they use in order to wash clothes and dishes, and to clean all the rooms in their homes. This natural dusty mineral can be found in unlimited quantities. Magic vicious terrain around Alshar among the locals, is known as the Red Valley and is a real enigma for the scientists.