Slatina Cave


Through the narrow hole at a depth of 1.5 meters, where you have to crawl in the water, it is entered into so far the largest Macedonian cave "Slatin Spring" ("Slatinski Izvor"), located in the area of Slatina village, fifteen miles away from Makedonski Brod. The entrance of the cave, which has been known to be 3,000 m long, is located on the left side of the confluence of the Slatina River in Treska, on 495 meters above the sea level.

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Тhe cave is consisted of a long channel, which branches out in several longer and shorter canals. So far 800 meters of length of the cave have been examined, 705 meters of which belong to the main cave channel. In separate locations of the main channel the cave pillars and stalactites dominate, and in the biggest cave hall (20x15 m) larger stalagmites have been built.